30 May 2011

Am I still pretty?

After not receiving a full dose of Taxotere during round one, I received a temporary reprieve from hair loss. Unfortunately, temporary means it happened after all. It started falling out while I was recovering from round two. As soon as I was well enough to leave the house without falling down too often, I went to the wig salon with Matt and my dad for fun with a razor. The following pictures depict the emotional torment I faced that day. Viewer discretion is advised.

Mr. Wigmaker and his assistant prepare for their hair persecution ritual.

AHHHH! The razor cometh!

You can't see it, but my face is contorted in a spasm of agony.

My dad just stood there watching, instead of defending the honor of his only daughter.

Two hours later...

My hair is back! By which I mean the those are loops made from my hair.

With the addition of a colorful scarf, I now look like a human again! And a pirate!
While not a long-term solution, the loops provided me with hair, that when worn under a hat, made me look and feel normal. They also provided me with a very itchy head. At least it was only for the few weeks until my real wig was ready. After all, would I rather have my hair fall out and be bald or have an itchy head?

And now for something a bit more family-friendly: the mysterious Morri flowers.

My view of the flowers while I was busy dying of chemo. You'll note the awesome unicorn to the left of the flowers.
The enigmatic sender's identity came to light by pure accident. When I searched my email for something completely unrelated, I noticed an email exchange between myself and the sales manager at The Ritz-Carlton. I hadn't even remembered that I told him about chemo a couple weeks ago when explaining why I couldn't sign some papers in person. How thoughtful of him, and now he can be thanked properly. Mystery solved.


momdgp said...


dreamerj25 said...

Very pretty! And how very nice of The Ritz-Carlton :)

slackwench said...

You look great! If I weren't looking for it, I'd never notice the difference. :)

Anonymous said...

Since you weren't losing your hair to chemo -- it was coming off as your decision -- I didn't need to defend your honor. You were doing just fine defending it yourself.

photonsrain said...

Better to be an immigrant than an exile; it's your choice this way and you're more powerful for having made the decision. And you're always beautiful.