31 May 2011

The internet is never fully sated

Apparently not mentioning the blue hair did nothing to quell the myriad of questions, such as what's with the blue hair? And what blue hair?

As previously mentioned, the hair loops are itchy as all hell. Plus they require wearing some sort of hat, making my head hot and sweaty. For some reason, hot, sweaty, and itchy are not ideal to me. The obvious solution? Blue wig with itch-preventing wig cap underneath.

But where did the blue wig come from? Before chemo started, I decided that I wanted a blue wig. So Matt and I went to the costume shop and I asked for a short blue wig. The first few didn't work out so well, but this one was perfect.

To answer your final question, yes, I wore the wig to work. Multiple times. In fact, that's where the picture was taken, by the lovely Loretta.

I'm glad we got that all cleared up.


slackwench said...

You should use the wig as your "something blue" at your wedding. :)

Anonymous said...

Sharon, I must say: I'm Simone Wu, and I approve this message. It definitely would be a completely badass move to rock the blue wig at the wedding (way cooler than my blue shoes, I daresay). It's such a pretty blue, and it really brings out your eyes. I know you weren't digging the occasional public gawkers while you were wearing it, but it really is a good look for you.

I also liked the one you were wearing today, though, at least I liked it over VC. I will see it in person tomorrowwww...I hope. I guess one of the few bright spots in all this is that you really have an opportunity to try out hair in every weirdo color and style out there if you want. Ariel red?? Weird old lady silver?? Platinum blonde?? Giant fro?? Fat old Elvis hair? (BTW, fat old Elvis hair was the only wig we had in my house growing up for some reason, which was really weird on 3 little girls. I don't actually recommend this wig, as it is not flattering on ANYONE.)

Anyway! Buy ALL the wigs! See you tomorrow!

osmodion said...

Alternatively, you could wear the wig at my wedding. Yes, that is a *much* better idea.

momdgp said...

Blue-gle hair. Don't forget the other company colors. :D

whomajigi said...

Holy shit. I need to log onto LJ more often as I haven't been updated about your life in like...2 years. W.T.F.

Hope all is getting better now. I'm catching up on you now and feel like scum for not having done it sooner.

osmodion said...

I'll forgive you, this time. So you don't have to feel like scum. :-)