23 March 2009

You Never Forget How To Fall Off A Bike

You extra super plus never forget if you are as klutzy as me, but I digress.

After years of pestering, I finally convinced Matt to get a bike. This might not seem like much of an achievement, but you have to take into account the fact that Matt hadn't owned any human-powered transportation devices since he was a wee little Matt. A lack of available bikes also means a lack of knowing how to successfully ride a bike. As anyone who ever bought an adult-sized bike knows, trying out various bikes is absolutely necessary.

I tried to teach Matt on my bike, but that plan was quickly scrapped after the second near miss involving a parked car. Plan B involved buying Matt a helmet and letting him try out all sorts of bikes at bike stores. Yes, he did look like an incompetent fool, and yes, I nearly fell over laughing. But by the time he found the perfect bike, he was able to ride with some semblance of competence. More importantly, he didn't fall and damage any of the bikes!

And so his shiny new accoutrement came to be.

Loading the jump...

Egads! He's going to crash!

Oh, whew! Matt lives!

And there he goes, down the alley of dispair!

Hmm, I think his seat needs to be raised a bit more.


mephistakitten said...

The seat on that looks way low. It's a cruising bike, but I feel like the seat should be about 4 inches higher, leg should be almost straight when the pedal is all the way down.

I totally suffered from having not ridden a bike in a long time, and when I was testing bikes, ran into a tree and knocked the chain off. Oops. It really sucks going back to the store, bruised, with a broken bike.

I love my bike, and am actually going to get on it right now and go home from the lab.

osmodion said...

While not taken at the best of angles, the picture proved my point and Matt has already stated that he'll be fixing the seat tonight after work.

Did they beat you with the dangling chain, or did you just have to buy that bike? And what kind of bike do you have?