02 January 2009

New Year, New Power Tool!

There is no better way to spend 9 days of planless vacation than to turn the cat6 residing in our walls into a useful network.

Step 1: Put RJ45 adapters on the ends sticking out of walls around the house.
Step 2: Attach all the other ends to the patch panel in the garage.
Step 3: Crimp a billion short cables to go from the patch panel to the switch.
Step 4: Mount a shelf on the garage wall for the patch panel and switch.
Step 5: Plug in everything.

Simple enough, until you realize that your bracket for the patch panel doesn't actually fit, so you suddenly can't just put that and the switch on a shelf. And you don't want to buy a rack. So what's a girl to do? Make one! That's when things got fun.

I was just planning on buying a hand saw and miter box since I was NOT planning anything resembling fancy. Matt looked at me, looked at the miter box, and declared "huh?" This was closely followed by, "I thought you were going to get a skil saw or something." In case you misread that, yes, Matt did suggest that I get a jig saw instead of a boring old hand saw. Even more shocking was my response indicating that this was supposed to be cheaper than buying a rack. Silly me, I thought that they were at least a hundred dollars. Luckily, Matt was aware that this is not the case and that I'd probably die if I had to all the sawing by hand.

By now, you must be dying to know what new toy I went home with. A Ryobi 4.8A Jigsaw with a laser guide. Yay!

Oh yeah, I finished the shelf. It's just waited to be painted violet eclipse, to match the railing and garage door. Since it's not a shelf until it's purple.


farniks said...

don't forget the bandsaw

osmodion said...

Somehow I don't think Matt will let me. Something about blood staining concrete.

farniks said...

was worth a shot

dreamerj25 said...

That's a sweet looking power tool!