14 January 2009

CES 2009

Best Product That I Can't Wait To Get My Hands On: OLED displays

Biggest Television: 108" Sharp Aquos

Coolest Swag: Flexicord USB Cable

Best Swag That I Didn't Get My Hands On: ThermaPak - they were only given away for one hour on Friday, and Adam got two

Most Useful Swag: MicroSD to USB converter from NBCUniversal

Most Appropriate License Plate: "EXPRESO"

Most Surreal Moment: Adam winning the AMD Dragon text message scavenger hunt - PDF ALERT!

Weirdest Moment: walking past a guy peeing with the door open in the ladies' room, who then asked us womenfolk why we were in the wrong bathroom

Most Victorious Moment: winning a poker tournament at Wynn, buy-in = $140 on 01/10/2009 - we chopped at four players left, at which point two of us were tied for first

Stupidest Sign: "Wynn WD*" - indicates that Wynn is walking distance from the Las Vegas Convention Center

Most Impressive Booth: Samsung

Random Picture That Had To Be Included: Toasters!

1 comment:

whomajigi said...

I'm so insanely jealous. One of my closest friends lives in Vegas and he wouldn't stop telling me about all the awesome stuff there.

I'm green with envy.