20 January 2009

C'est la vie.

For the three people on earth who couldn't tell, I love my job. Except for the part where, as of 30 January, it will be loved. Due to a lack of funding, I am among those the company had to let go on 9 January. Everyone else facing the firing squad ceased working the same day, making me the "fortunate" one who gets to stay through the end of the month, which is especially lucky when considering how rare it is to have employees continue working instead of locking them out of every computer system.

The upside of this is that the office might finally be cleaned. Might.

If anyone wants or knows someone who wants a Java software engineer, please let me know.


pennyfore said...

I'm sorry, Sharon. I've been laid off twice and it's not fun. Not that it's any consolation, but it seems like it's happening to everyone our age these days.

dreamerj25 said...

Ohh, sorry to hear that Hunn. Times are tough right now, and you're amazing at what you do. I'm sure when you start interviewing and they check on your references, you'll be in great shape. Hang in there. xoxo.