15 September 2008

zomg tokyo! day 9

Day 9 (14 September)
Walking 37 miles a day eventually gets to your feet, so Sunday morning was lie about the hotel room like a lump day. Not as riveting as Ginza, but just as important.

The rest of the exciting day was spent on a cow hunt, this time with the official map. Unfortunately, the official map is limited to two dimensions, and neither of them indicates height. While not a concern for the cows located on sidewalks, this becomes a rather large problem when searching for the ones in buildings. Specifically seven story buildings with two basement levels that happen to be giant malls with labyrinth subway stations under them. And in case that wasn't bad enough, cow 37 was not just painted like all the others. The "artist" cut the damn thing in half, and put each half in a barely translucent box. Now imagine that the boxes blend in fairly well with the mall's decor, such that you can walk past them multiple times without noticing them, possibly because you are looking for a brightly painted cow. Worst cow ever.

We still have about 25 cows left to locate and photograph, possibly some time later in the week. If any other cows decide to hide in a box on the top floor of a large building, they will be turned into filet mignon.


dreamerj25 said...

'lie about the hotel room like a lump' & 'cow searching' Day. Very nice.

Cow searching????????? What in the .. ?

osmodion said...