15 September 2008

zomg tokyo! day 10

Day 10 (15 September)
When the weather report claims 80% chance of rain during the day and 100% chance of rain during the evening, it is not an unreasonable assumption that you should bring an umbrella and night wear a white tshirt. Indoor activities are also advised, such as The Kite Museum, Tokyo Stock Exchange, and a giant park in Shinjuku with an awesome Japanese garden. Just bring an umbrella.

We headed out, two umbrellas in tow, in search of The Kite Museum. Somehow we missed the microscopic sign on the unnumbered building (which, unfortunately, is all too common here) on our first two trips around the block. The elevator was out, so we climbed a creepy flight of stairs up to the fifth floor, passing abandoned restaurant equipment that could barely be identified in the murky light. At the top was a door labeled The Kite Museum, which would have been a good sign if there was life behind it. Maybe they rely on what little natural light sneaks in through the shades? I tried the door, which was both unlocked and creaky. That was enough for me. Good bye creepy museum!

And hello Tokyo Stock Exchange! The walk over was fairly uneventful, until I asked Matt if he thought it was weird that Citibank was closed today. As it turns out, it wasn't weird at all. Banks normally close on National Old People Day! After quite a bit of complaining about such a useless holiday that dared to interrupt our vacation, we headed back to the subway for some gardening.

As we entered the garden, the weather was all but screaming rain. Like previous activities, the garden is visual. You'll have to wait for the pictures. What I will tell you is that somehow it still hadn't poured down on us yet, so we started walking around Shinjuku. After a stroll through 2 camera stores, we headed back to the hotel.

The evening was spent relaxing, so tomorrow we actually get up early for a train to Kyoto! Adventures await! Ahoy!


dreamerj25 said...

omg. too funny. haha.

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osmodion said...

one day I too will find this funny... once I'm back in a country without this holiday