11 September 2008

zomg tokyo! day 6

Day 6 (11 September)
After much debate, today was elected to be Shinjuku day. This entailed two new subway lines, and a 65m walk between the two. Then came the fun of finding our way around Shinjuko Station. It made Times Square look small and orderly, and probably has about 20 times the number of exits as its New York counterpart.

During our navigation, I noticed a sign for the Suburu Building. I decided that I absolutely must have my picture taken in front of the building, so we trekked outside to do so. Since we were already above ground, Matt pointed out that we could attempt to navigate above ground, an idea I found much more appealing than going back into the crowded mess. Barely 100 meters into our journey, the weather that I called appealing decided to evacuate in favor of torrents of rain. Back into the subterranean jungle!

Subway stations in Tokyo are lined with shops. Not the dinky newsstands found on the track level in other cities, but serious, high-quality shops. In one of those shops, I finally found the pair of boots for which I'd been searching. I have spent countless hours trying to find a pair of boots that fit my calves properly, since boots found in America are always too big and look funny on me. Japanese women are slender, so boots sold here should actual fit me. It took about 10 pairs, but these were it! Just please do not ask how much they were.

With my amazing new subway boots in tow, we resumed our navigation. First stop, the Toto toilet museum! Or so we thought. Once again, the now rejected guide book lied. The museum turned out to be a home remodeling center featuring Toto products.

The rain had let up, so we high-tailed it to a camera store for cleaning supplies. The rain came back, with a vengeance, so back into the underworld we went, this time back towards the hotel.

When the rain finally went away more permanently, we walked over to Takashimaya, another department store, so we wouldn't just be hanging out in the hotel. After thoroughly combing through the sports section, or what would more accurately be called the designer golf clothes and accessories section, dinner became necessary. We happened upon a local hangout, a German pub with a name that I won't even try to spell. Amazing beer, amazing steak, amazing fries.

We finished off by walking back to the hotel via a bookstore, Mazuken, and headed for the hotel bar. There was not one available seat, nor was anyone wearing jeans like we were. Back downstairs to our room we went.

Now I must go to sleep, for we have a busy non-rain impeded day awaits us tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

You only tried on 10 pairs? A new world's record!