11 December 2004


Pinnacle is evil. The end.

They are the only place even remotely near campus that serves pasta pizza, which occassionally necessitates going there. Well, today they decided that you not only have to pay more than the pizza is worth to begin with, but you must pay twice. Matt paid. And then I paid. And the fucking moron (who, I might add, has a very limited grasp of the English language) behind the register asked if I was paying for both of us or just me. Confused, I told him just me (after all, Matt had just paid, and I figured the drunk dude behind me could pay for himself). After a few more questions along the same lines, he gave me my change. Then he asked Matt to pay. Well, I'm sure you can guess what happened next. And it's not like the guy behind the register considered for an iota of a second that he was wrong. Even the drunk dude mentioned that he thought Matt paid. So, in light of the fact that I had already paid and that arguing with this guy resulted in him coming around the register, dangerously close to Matt's wallet, to gesticulate in Matt's face and yell more incoherent English (Note: this is quite a large assumption that it was in fact English), Matt, quite disgustedly and in a pissed-off manner, threw a 20 in the general direction of the jackass. In addition, after eating said pizza, I spent the remainder of the evening with a horrible stomach ache. Therefore, Pinnacle is 3\/|1. QED.

w00t extreme blogging!


cagexxx said...

HE THREW THE GUY A 20??????????????

What kind of message is *that* sending?

I actually like Pinnacle's pizza. They still use the old Pronto Pizza formula, as far as I can tell (although you weren't around for Pronto), and the prices are okay, unless they just hiked them. I didn't go to Pinnacle on principle for years after the change because they just had to make it all fancy-shmancy, just how the Columbia administration wants it. But one day, I had to run from Watson Hall to catch a subway, and I was really hungry, and Pinnacle was there, and I was surprised at how reasonably good the prices and pizza were.

But I'll take Famiglia over them any day. And Koronet is a joke at $2.75 a slice.

bigscary said...

Che Bella.
1: Pasta Pizza (not my thing, but hey)
2: Good prices
3: Nice people
4: Fast delivery.
5: Best pizza in the neighborhood.