20 December 2004


Our vision project is due at noon, complete with a report and presentation. The code is mostly done, so I've been attempting to write for the past 1.5 hours. Technically, I'm succeeding. In reality, I'm sure that my six pages (and I'm going to be adding at least 3 more) are beyond incoherent. The idea that all will be over and done with in less than five hours still hasn't completely sunk in yet. Either way, I have great plans for ~12:30 - ice cream followed by sleeping until I wake up. With the alarm off. For the first time in weeks.

Side note: I've determined that my frequent headaches are a combination of lack of sleep and dehydration, more towards the dehydration side of things.

Am I in Vegas yet?

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cagexxx said...

Yeah, dude. (Sorry about commenting in your last three entries in a row; I just had something to say in all three.)

Almost every time I get a headache, and absolutely every time it starts really small and gets bigger, it happens when I haven't had much to drink that day. Be sure to take care of yourself!