06 December 2004

Cherry Coke

I dropped graphics so I could have some free time this semester and not be completely bogged down with work. So why am I still working every damn second? And why couldn't the C++ teacher come up with a better assignment than writing a web browser? At least the networks project is almost justifiable....

More importantly, two days ago I developed a craving for cherry coke. Since then, I've bought two bottles, and both times they were the last bottles in the store.


cbreakr said...

wow, you're C++ class has had some awesome assignments. Could you send me code when finished so I may ogle and learn the trickses?

cagexxx said...

Yeah, I was just thinking holy shit, I don't see how I could possibly do that. Although I do tend to underestimate the abilities of programming when there are good resources to help...it still sounds like quite a pain.

In summary, I think she got this assignment because she's a girl.