24 March 2012

Reese the Kraken!

A certain puppy decided to inconvenience us by outgrowing her collar while not growing enough to fit a medium Google collar. The nerve! To teach her a lesson, we took the Mutt Brigade to Petco to find a Reese-appropriate collar.

At first, Reese was nose to the floor, enjoying the myriad of smells. And then it dawned on her - FOOD!

Luckily for her, we had no idea where the collars happened to be, so she got to vacuum up the entire store. A morsel of something under a shelf three inches off the ground? That's no problem for the amazing collapsible puppy!

She managed to get in up to her shoulders before she reached her buried treasure. The amazing part? She got back out without any help.

While Zero subtly suggested we buy ALL THE BONES, Reese got into an argument with a cardboard dog food ad featuring a four foot tall dog. At first we thought it was funny, but as we neared the cutout, it became obvious that she was scared of the monstrous dog. In fact, she was so terrified that she refused to get within ten feet of the offending display. Matt end up carrying the distraught puppy until the beast was out of sight.

We finally found the collars, right by the entrance. We only passed them twelve times, but we don't need to talk about that.

Reese carefully inspected the merchandise before selecting a dainty black collar with pink skulls. Much to her embarrassment, Matt tried it on her for size right there in the aisle!

"Daddy! What if the other dogs see me?" But once it was on, she couldn't help but pose for the camera.

You'll note how Zero, like any sensible male, completely ignored the impromptu fashion show.

Before Reese had a chance to change her mind and ask for a skimpy leather collar, we paraded over to the cashier. That's when we discovered that Reese had conveniently left her wallet at home. That little bitch!

As long as I'm sharing photos with the world, here's two more featuring fluffy creatures.

Someone who is not me left an empty carton of cookie dough ice cream in the living room. Someone else who is also not me got her head stuck in the carton. It was too funny to not take a picture before helping her get free. And as soon as it was off, she stuck her furry head back in there! Not the fittest.

Where's Matt? I'll give you one hint: he's behind one of the 53" plush teddy bears. I wanted to bring a few home for the dogs, but Matt said no. He never likes my amazing ideas.


Oh! You Cook! said...

Best. Title. Ever!

sugarandice said...

I totally second the bringing home of those bears!