25 December 2010

Of Leopard Print and Rats

Way back at the dawn of time, or perhaps early October, I visited a wedding gown salon in Tarzana colloquially known as Lili Bridal. While I ultimately ended up getting my dress elsewhere, my majestic mom and bouncy bridesmaids will be ordering their delightful dresses there come early January. Why am I only mentioning this pertinent information now? Well, last weekend my only in-town bridesmaid decided to ruin all of my plans and get sent on an involuntary business trip over the weekend she is supposed to be ordering a dress. Aside from being very inconvenient, it meant that we spent last Saturday getting her measured so I can order all three dresses at once. Stupid dye lots. But anyway, being at the store reminded me how amazing the staff is, even knowing that my dress is coming from a different store, so I've decided to tell the world about my first visit.

Per my personal requirements, I arrived around ten minutes early for my eleven o'clock appointment. As I neared the shop door, I was greeted by what could only be part of a tv crew. Uh, okay. I peered through the glass door and saw three females, perhaps early 20s, giggling over bridesmaids' dresses while two cameras looked on. Seriously? And more importantly, why on earth is one of them wearing a leopard print overalls type thing?

A lady saw me peering in the window and opened the door to ask if I had an appointment. Upon hearing that I did, she informed me that the reality show was supposed to finish for the day at eleven and that she would inform them that their time was up. I mentioned that I did not want to be immortalized on some Lifetime show and chose to wait outside. Sure enough, the crew and "stars" paraded out a few minutes later. Honestly, I wasn't expecting them to leave so quickly. What I was expecting even less was two rodentia in what looked like my neighbors bird cage. Okaaaayyy.

My curiosity got the best of me and I asked what the overgrown gerbils were for. For the record, I phrased my question much more politely.

"They're our rats. They're famous."

Well that cleared everything up.

Later on, I found out that they were shooting something for "Lory and Dean," which, I must confess, was about as useful to me as was the rat description. It all fell together as I left the store and saw a tall woman with short blonde hair. "Wow, she looks likes an aged Tori Spelling wearing way too much makeup," I thought to myself. As I passed by her and her minions, it dawned on me - "TORI and Dean."

The intartubes later confirmed my suspicions, which could mean only one thing - the lady managing the shop kicked out Tori Spelling's reality show for me! Take that subspace!

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