16 November 2010

Ruching Galore!

About a week ago, my mom visited for wedding dress shopping. In between forbidding me from wearing black shoes and arguing over who told daddy about the local hotels, she approved the ONE DRESS TO RULE THEM ALL! That's right, I had it narrowed down to ONE, as in singular, dress BEFORE she arrived. And the moon didn't fall out of the sky and land on anyone's head!

So what does this mythical dress look like? Well, as a show of good faith, I've decided to let you, Oh Great Internet, have a little looksee:


Pretty, no?


mephistakitten said...

Wait, you're getting married?!??!?! I really have been living in a cave!

osmodion said...

In a cave, under a sofa, wearing headphones. And I'm still surprised my grandma didn't find some way to tell you.

Anonymous said...

I was afraid when you took the photo that it might be out of focus. Am totally relieved.

dreamerj25 said...

Magnificent! :P

photonsrain said...

The pixels look even better in person.