25 April 2009

Meet My Luggage in St. Louis

Miracle of all miracles, my flight landed at Newark on time. My luggage, however, was "detained by the TSA for unspecified reasons." Gee, great. But "it'll be on the next flight out." Um, the next flight from LAX to EWR is tomorrow. But wait! They already rerouted my bag, so it was waiting for me. In St. Louis. How useful. Theoretically, it will be on a flight from St. Louis and landing at EWR around 9 tonight, enabling a 2 am delivery. I might not have to be naked tomorrow! Yay!


farniks said...

got swept there by the Cardinals last week...it's a rough place

slackwench said...

I might not have to be naked tomorrow!

Well that's really just too bad.