28 April 2009

Do Not Use As A Timer

My parents have a shiny new kitchen, complete with a shiny new microwave. Silly me, I decided to use the timer feature. Everything was going well until about 20 seconds after the countdown ended. The damn thing refused to stop beeping. No matter what buttons I pressed or the order I pressed them in, the microwave continued pleading for attention. I called my dad, whose best suggestion was the useless manual. Next came mom, who had previously dealt with with this auditory onslaught. Sadly, she was still searching for the correct way to make it shut up. She did suggest a brick, but I have a feeling I'd be eviscerated if I chose that route.

If I end up locked up in a mental asylum by the end of the day, blame Bosch and their engineering department.


farniks said...

Do Not Use As A Timer

Well, if only certain people had followed that simple bit of wisdom, certain mistakes would not have been made.

Anonymous said...

better than just making the microwave run for 30 minutes in place of the timer function...:)