20 November 2008

Delusional Bitch Redux

Well, apparently some people just don't learn. There I was, happily walking the mutt brigade on the sidewalk when out pops a white furry impediment with the urge to say! Delusional bitch was on someone's front stoop, talking with who I can only assume to be the occupant, while the dogs roamed about the yard. Tawny barked, or the world would have obviously ended, and Ms. Bitch appeared from behind the foliage to give me a dirty look. HOW DARE YOU EXIST! Okay, I'll kept that in mind...

Obvious solution - take Zero and Tawny around the danger zone (translation: in the street, where parked cars block sidewalk creatures from view). While implementing said plan, white puffy dog of indeterminate lineage and beige chihuahua of disobedient lineage decide to follow us. Despite commands ordering them to cease and desist, furry puff did not heed until Ms. Bitch was on top of him. Chihuahua made it into the street before stopping, but refused to obey any of the "SIT!" commands thrown his way. Meanwhile, my perfect angels and I continued on our merry way, all three of us laughing at the stupidity we just witnessed.

The more I think about it, the more 's comment strikes me as being an accurate prediction.

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