26 October 2008

A Touch of Grey

After another week of alternating between work and sleep, what could possibly be more fun than spending the weekend at the office, again?

Today, however, was different from all other days - Matt brought me lunch at the office! We had a fairly short repast consisting of leftovers and take out from Chipotle. Definitely nothing special about the food, but I can't tell you how nice it was to be eating with another human being away from my desk. Now granted away from my desk consisted of a table in the conference room, which has been converted into a war room filled with lcds, laptops, and 62 miles of network cables. BUT IT STILL COUNTS.

Eventually this disaster will be over, and my shiny new Hyper X driver will be taught a lesson. Specifically that it should make golf balls go far in the desired direction.


dreamerj25 said...

Oh no!!! :/

Well it was sweet of Matt to come have lunch with you today! I can't believe your company really has you working that much. BOTH days on the weekends? What did they do to their company that screwed it up so badly???

Not that it would make you feel any better, but Katie works every Saturday & sometimes Sunday too... and Heather sometimes. Me, I didn't read this till now because I'm so tired from my new work schedule that I'm in bed early & can't get on the internet at work. (Except for today when my bosses were at training.)

momdgp said...

"A Touch of Grey." AKA "I Will Survive." That's what you were alluding to, right? :)