29 September 2005

First Day of School => Sunburn

Since classes started today, it was necessary to spend yesterday at the beach. Silly me, I thought taking the dogs would be great. Unfortunately, Thunder still had his ear infection, and couldn't come. Tawny was more than happy to spend an hour each way in the car, but she didn't quite figure out what to do at the beach. At the bark park, Thunder basically showed her that she could run around and pee on whatever she wanted. Alone, she wasn't very sure. Not to mention this dog is a huge priss. She didn't like getting dirty from the sand, and god forbide she get wet. Of course, the sand was too hot for her little butt and drinking any water was out of the question. She was willing enough to hang out near the surf as long as she was near people. End result - I never bothered to put on suntan lotion since it wasn't particularly hot, so I now have a very minor sunburn.

Anyway, my one class today was Animats-Based Modeling, which is destined to be awesome. UCLA limits grad class sizes, so there's only ~17 people. The basic premise of the class is aritifical life, which deals with modeling groups and populations of insects/animal-like creatures.

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