08 August 2004

Turn in your badge and vacate the premises

My intership at Lehman is offically over. As glad as I am to be returning to sleeping until 9 on early days, I have to admit I'm going to miss it. Granted I didn't get the really interesting work until almost a week before it was over (optimization is fun, and yes, I'm a dork), but still. The people there were really awesome. And I like reading slashdot. On the other hand, after the warning about Citigroup Center came out last Sunday, 399 Park (the building directly across the street from Citigroup's main building and which happens to contain Citigroup employees on almost every floor) became really annoying to get in and out of. That and the commute will not be missed in the slightest.

Tonight was dinner at Yuka in honor of Jane's 24th birthday. And in honor of my right hand not being fully functional yet, I attempted to use chopsticks with my left hand. After much trial and even more failure, I gave up and started stabbing food and just ate the rice with my fingers.

In other news, a Victoria's Secret bag, containing a purchase that I never bothered to put away, keeps a certain brother out of my room when left on my bed.

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kimpire said...

Whaaat, you aren't gonna tell us what the purchase was? *looks innocent*