12 August 2004

Road Trip!

Arfin and I are planning a road trip to liberate Jess's 1978 Camaro from Hawaii. The current plan is to drive cross country via I-80 and across the Pacific on the back of a gigantic seaturtle. Once we've acquired the vehicle, we're driving to Vegas to elope. We'll get back on I-80 so we can stop at home for sandwiches. Then we'll continue to Grand Cayman via I-95 to get secret offshore bank accounts. Of course, we'll be back in time for the fall semester.

Of course, we're going to need a car to get to Hawaii in the first place. Tomorrow Skarfin's buying a 1996 Saturn and airmailing it to me. Now Jess just needs to fix the suspension before we get there.

Yay road trip!


kimpire said...

Oooo mazal tov! Am I invited to the wedding? :)

pennyfore said...

Take me with you! I need to get out of New Jersey already before I go homicidal on my family!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, when did you start practicing polygamy again? You promised no more of that!! Damn it, I want a divorce!