25 July 2004

Opposable Thumbs are Useful

It's time to learn left-handed dvorak. On Friday, right after leaving work, I was attacked by a subway station. Specifically the wet, unpainted steel escalator. A few stairs later, it was necassary to spend the evening in the emergency room. Luckily, Brian kept me, and my gameboy, company. Final verdict - bad sprain with possibility of fracture. I need to get my hand x-rayed again next Monday just in case. In the mean time, I get to wear a splint made out of plaster, cotton, and an ace bandage. Oh, and hospital strength painkillers are nice.

For those of you who saw I, Robot, was I the only one thinking that Will Smith has automail?

A new hard drive cooler will be easier to get than replacing that damn fan, so a new one will be acquired today.

Typing takes entirely too long now, so I'm done. (This took 20 minutes.)


kimpire said...

I remember snapping my arm in half in sophomore year of high school. Couldn't use it to type for four months. Hurt a lot, too. But by the end of those four months I was typing so well with one hand .ylisae dna ylkciuq sdrawkcab epyt ot woh emthguat ti taht

skarfin said...

That stinks. How long will that take to heal? I highly recommend learning one-handed dvorak anyway. I want to learn it so I can type and eat at the same time.

slackwench said...

That sucks a lot. :( Hope it's just a sprain. However, I must point out that my prediction came true: the universe is balancing itself out for not having injured you for so long! ;)

I wanna learn one handed Dvorak too, actually, so that I can use the mouse with one hand while typing with the other (it would be good for editing text, for example, or using CAD tools).