15 July 2004

6:34 AM

After tomorrow, I will have been commuting for seven weeks. Seven weeks of waking up between 6 and 6:40. Seven weeks of 1 hour train rides, 20 minutes drives to the train station (damn morning traffic), and 10 minutes of being smushed on the E train. For one summer, it's not so bad. Very sleep depriving, but not so bad. Okay, that's a lie. I hate losing 4 hours a day to commuting.

I finished another book today, The Dark Tower VI - Song of Susannah. Quite amusing, though the journal thing at the end was stupid. And Stephen King should not be such an important character in his own book. That just pissed me off, and came close to ruining the whole thing.

C++ libraries suck. SSH keys are awesome. Yay dsa.

Either gmail or outlook sucks. I sent two emails from Lehman to my gmail account today. Only the second one arrived.



kimpire said...

Why is everybody jumping on this gmail bandwagon? What's so special about it?

slackwench said...

Well, we know that gmail rocks and outlook sucks, so why are you questioning which one it is?

osmodion said...

I sent a couple of other emails (from cunix) to my gmail account, and those aren't appearing either.