01 December 2016

Zero's grand Thanksgiving adventure!

Due to Reese's surgery, Zero came with us to the east coast for Thanksgiving. We save our quadrillions of miles/points/generic-flight-units for Thanksgiving upgrades (and international travel), since it's the worst time of year to fly. As such, poor Zero was forced to experience business class from under the seat in front of him.

Not so luxurious down here. :-(
To add insult to injury, the passenger to our left had a fluffy golden retriever service dog with a big bag of treats. Not only was Zero stuck in the bag, he had to watch the other dog scarf down delicious nom noms. The last straw was when the service dog put the treat mere inches from Zero and ate it practically under his nose. Zero clearly had enough. "GROWL! GRRR GRRR! CHOMP!" That sufficiently enticed the service dog to eat in the aisle.

Zero was super excited to join us for Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Due to his incredibly strict diet, Zero was only allowed a few iotas of turkey, but he was happy enough to eat his normal food. After dinner, he was the only one still interested in more food.
Matt was only temporarily dead. He's since been reanimated.

On Saturday, we headed into New York for a night of glitz and glamour. Zero took his first train ride!
Choo choo!
He wasn't exactly a fan of all the rocking back and forth, but, contrary to what he says, he did survive.

We checked into our room at the Ritz-Carlton Battery Park and took Zero for his evening constitutional through the park. Afterwards, he made himself comfortable for the evening.
The sneaky ear up means he's actually awake and ready for further excitement.
He chilled in his nest while we met a friend for drinks at the hotel bar.

The next morning, after his breakfast and walk, we moved his nest into the bathroom. Just in case something went wrong with his insides, we wanted it to be more easily cleanable.

Matt and I braved the high seas freezing cold harbor to visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island like proper tourists. We'd both been there before, though not for years.
Matt's the one in green.

When we returned to the hotel, Zero had a nasty surprise in store for us. Apparently something freaked him out, enticing him to chew his way out of the bathroom.
The pile on the right is only some of the wood shavings he created.
Zero's been left alone in plenty of hotel rooms before. He didn't touch a thing in the Extended Stay, but ate the finishings in the freaking Ritz-Carlton. Clearly he has expensive taste.

Matt punted him out of the seventh floor window. I laughed, yelled, and eventually called the front desk to request that a manager come up.

After a very long twenty minutes that was supposed to be spent driving to the airport, the loss prevention manager arrived. He surveyed the damage and determined that it was merely the molding, not the actual door. He also kept mentioning how we're super awesome for actually telling them about the damage instead of trying to hide it behind a pile of towels. I took both of these as good signs.

Despite his behavior, we did take Zero back home. He even was still allowed another go in business class. Hopefully he enjoyed it, as it is certain to be his last. 

As of today, Thursday, we haven't heard anything about how much the door destruction recompense will be. I'm still optimistic that it will be covered by the standard pet fee.

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