04 February 2015

When medicine goes wrong

Medicine for OCD is basically a fun game of guess and check. Some drugs did absolutely nothing for me (I'm looking at you Effexor), while others turned me into a narcoleptic. Matt left me alone in a restaurant for two minutes and returned to me passed out on the table, my hand still on my phone. Some of the other exciting side effects included the inability to pee in the morning and my left eye twitching to the point where I couldn't see straight.

Now you may think that isn't so bad, it is just one drug to figure out. But you would be wrong. So very wrong. Besides SSRIs, such as the Lexapro I currently take every morning, there are also anti-anxiety pills for when I get particularly, well, anxious. I used to take Ativan, until that stopped working. Now I take a metric buttload of Klonopin every day.

With all of that medicine, it'd be nice if I was a functioning human being. But that's not the case, or I wouldn't be mentioning it now, would I? Dr. Psychiatrist tried a few other drugs, like Risperidone, but nothing worked nearly as well as the twitchy Abilify. So for fun and giggles, I went back on Abilify. I expected it to end poorly, but the eye twitching didn't return. At the same time, the same dose that previously made me act more normal wasn't nearly as effective. Now I'm on a higher dose than ever and we'll see what happens.

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