22 October 2013

Unconditionally guaranteed

After years of trying to explain an obscure Captain Beefheart reference, I finally gave up and took my orange claw hammer to both the name and layout that have grown so ugly in my eyes. I must admit, however, it took far too much time to redesign, what with Matt doing all the work and me supervising. But that is now over, and aside from some minor details that you will tactfully ignore, this is the day it finally goes live! Well, without further ado, I'm glad to announce "A Failure of Natural Selection!"

According to all my computer science training, the clear spot for the '!' would be outside of the quotes, as it is not part of the title string. Ergo, despite having succumbed to proper grammatical protocols, I have to ensure there is no confusion in such circumstances.


Oh! You Cook! said...
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Oh! You Cook! said...

Much more better title.

More "bang" for the buck.

Oh! You Cook! said...

Ack ... it left out my *nerd* tags around the 2nd sentence above.

Rockette Morton said...

As I look through my trout mask, all I can say is this new design is as safe as milk. I may have given more ample consideration to neon meate dream of a octafish. Sure 'nuff.