25 November 2012

The Venice expansion line

I just noticed a superfluous post in my draft folder. In a fit of awesomeness, I seem to have taken a bunch of pictures, uploaded them, added captions, and then left the finished product to simmer for seven months. Oops.

While Los Angeles takes its sweet time with the Wilshire expansion, Reese and Zero have completed the Venice line.

Reese digging while Zero supervises.
 Reese testing the hole.
More digging.
A strategic pause for admiration.
Zero surveying the progress.
A non-union laborer.
If I fits, I done.
Reese conducting herding the first train into the station.
It's not entirely clear from the pictures, but the final hole averaged 1' deep, 1' wide, and 2.5' long.

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sugarandice said...

Zero has mad supervisory skills...