25 February 2012

Haute Cupcake

The following is best when read aloud with a snobby English accent.

This season's biggest fashion trend? Why it's the cupcake! Just take a peek at luxury retailer Louis Vuitton's current window display, featuring a chocolate cupcake with sparkly white icing in a gold wrapper.

Louis Vuitton window display in Century City
While they do not actually sell cupcakes or any products with images of cupcakes, Swarovski more than made up for this author's disappointment by providing mini-cupcakes to all visitors.

Swarovski Crystal Society 25th anniversary celebration in Century City

You'll note not only the glitter in the frosting, but the edible pearls topping each delicious piece. If you are more concerned with how you look than how you dine, perhaps a trip to kate spade is in order.

kate spade in-store t-shirt display in Century City
I assume that since this $58 t-shirt is size XXS, they simply didn't have room for the "CUP" part of cupcake.

The great cupcake takeover is not limited to the high-end retailers. Ubiquitous bookseller Barnes & Noble is filled with cupcakes at prices more affordable to the commoner. This book of platitudes, journal, and notepad are each less than $10.

Barnes & Noble themed display in Marina del Rey
Should you desire something more sparkly with which to contact your dear compatriots, these notecards on a nearby shelf may suit your needs.

A selection of the notecards in the same Barnes & Noble
If what you desire is something a tad more tacky to suit your proletariat tastes, Aahs! has you covered. Where else would you go for cupcake bandages, toothpicks, and stress balls in an assortment of fluorescent colors?

Aahs! cupcake-related display in Westwood
One need not spend a dime to enjoy the cupcake phenomenon. Two industrious girls offered me one of their chocolate cupcakes that they generated in their domicile. Not being a fan of chocolate and having already dined on one of Swarovski's delectable confections, I chose to enjoy my bubble tea sans cupcake.

Homemade cupcakes spotted in Boba Loca in Westwood
Others choose to express their fondness for cupcakes in more artistic ways. After opening a random magazine to a random page, I discovered this model with no less than three cupcake tattoos.

Seventy Arniotis's photo spread in Inked, March 2012
The left photo shows one large cupcake tattooed in each armpit. A close examination of the right photo reveals a third cupcake on the inside of the model's left ankle.

As I encountered all of these cupcake instances over the course of one day, I must wonder where the pervasive cupcake will next appear? I can only hope it is in front of me, preferably in a scrumptious form.

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