11 December 2011

Save money... kill hookers

I've been so preoccupied that I completely forgot to put Zero's embarrassment on public display. So, without further ado, I present Zero The Advice Dog!

Zero The Advice Dog
Needless to say, he did not appreciate his Halloween costume nearly as much as I did. But his opinion didn't matter nearly as much as that of my brilliant coworkers, who awarded him best dog costume. For those of you keeping track, that is two years in a row. And don't bother feeling too bad for Zero. He got a hot dog for lunch that day, followed by half a steak bought with his prize, a $50 gift card.

Fast forward six weeks to the holiday party. I wasn't sure until the last minute that I would be able to go, so I didn't get the appropriate supplies until the last minute. The sparkly dress was quite easy to find; Loretta had ordered one online that didn't fit her properly, and she was more than willing to give it a new home. With that accomplished, it was time to find masks. After all, I had no intention of attending a masquerade without one, and I certainly wasn't going to let Matt walk around with a naked face.

I got lucky and found the perfect mask at the first store we visited. Silver rhinestones over the face, a giant plume of real black feathers. And just $30 for a two day rental! Sold! Oh, and Matt found a cheap piece of crap mask that didn't look entirely hideous.

I'm the one on the right
Between the lack of interior lighting and feathers covering my eyes, I had a tad bit of trouble in the vision department. As a result, I may have looked a bit like a chicken when trying to follow a conversation.

Chicken problems aside, my mask achieved a high level glory. A level right around best female mask. Which makes it two years in a row for me as well. The best part was that my prize was a spiffy new Kindle Fire! A much tastier prize than last year's scotch.

Of course, all this victory comes with a price: I must continue my reign next year!


Oh! You Cook! said...

Love the candle sprouting from your head.

sugarandice said...

While I also like the candle sprouting from your head, I happen to love the dress! Nice job on dressing Zero up, next year might pose a challenge as to whether Zero or Reese ends up more adorable for Halloween.

Sondy said...

Your legs remain fabulous. Mazel tov!