24 January 2011

It's bubble tea, dagnabbit!

Not boba, not pearl tea, BUBBLE TEA. Got that? Good, now we may continue.

I love bubble tea. Matt merely enjoys it, but what does he know? He apparently knows enough to spend over an hour driving us six miles from my office in Santa Monica to visit The Boba Truck at UCLA last Thursday. Sadly, his genius ended just short of knowing that there was a basketball game that evening. While I did get to see the truck as we drove by, the expedition was a giant pile of fail. Alas! Swoon! OWIE MY HEAD!

While eating lunch in Westwood today, it occurred to me to check the truck's location. Hey! It's by our house! For another ten minutes! Useless! We decided that we would just have to wait until dinner time and attend its regularly scheduled appearance at UCLA.

This trip was significantly more fruitful. Not only was a parking space (eventually) secured directly behind the truck, but I finally got to bask in its glorious aura. And stare dumbfounded at the giant menu as I tried to figure out how to relay the options to Matt, who was still looking for a parking spot at that time.

Truck! Options! Crappy lighting that did not get along with my iPhone camera!

Apparently I was the only one who remembered my esteemed fiance's taste for oolong, since it took him some time to decide on rose oolong milk tea. I was tempted to try something weird, but I decided to just get a passion fruit green tea, my favorite, which would allow a more direct comparison with the other available options in Los Angeles.

Most bubble tea is very sugary and not particularly tea-esque. The Boba Truck most certainly didn't suffer from this common delusion. In fact, it was probably the best bubble tea we'd ever had. Certainly the best on the west coast.

nom nom nom


dreamerj25 said...

This sounds awesome! Where's mine? ;)

osmodion said...

In my happy belly.

photonsrain said...

Can we mount an expedition when I'm next in your neck of the woods?

Anonymous said...

Isn't that place near Beverly Hills called Boba as well?

momdgp said...

Make your own: http://www.bubbleteasupply.com/?page=recipes.html

osmodion said...

You're the one with the cooking blog. Let me know how it works out. Preferably in person so I can form my own conclusion.

osmodion said...

That was a silly question. Especially since you would have been dragged there regardless.