01 October 2009

Further Proof That TV Isn't Real

I decided to give NCIS: Los Angeles a chance this Monday. In retrospect, I'm not sure what the logic behind that decision was because the first 5 minutes sucked. Seriously sucked. Give up hope and change the channel sucked. Then came the opening credits, which starts INNNN SPAAAAACCCE and zooms down to an aerial shot of the NCIS headquarters in LA.

Do you see that? Do you? Because I sure did. The white blobs on the left include my house! The orange blobs in the middle are the NCIS buildings! Except for the fact that there is a garden center there, and it certainly does not have an orange roof. The liars!

The show went back to sucking immediately after returning from commercials.


toaster83 said...

Now we live right next to two root servers AND an NCIS headquarters. Sounds like it's time to take over the world.

momdgp said...

So add a circle to the photo around your house!

osmodion said...

And tell the internet where I live? Never!

momdgp said...

My first reaction was, DUH! The 2nd was, even if you circled the entire complex? The 3rd reaction was, yeah it was a dumb idea.