13 September 2009

Free Baseball!

Last year we failed to attend the Villa Marina Block Party due to lack of proximity. I tried to explain that we were in Tokyo, but apparently international travel is not an acceptable excuse. This year we made sure to attend long enough to get free food and be seen by all necessary persons.

The Block Party is partially sponsored by local businesses, each with their own gimmick to attract new customers. Free reusable bags, spin the wheel o' prizes, drawings for $25 off $10,000's worth of new windows. With a bit of prodding, I entered one a drawing from the hardware store, tried some homemade chocolate chip cookies, and won a useless candle. Then we retreated to the safety of our home.

Fast forward 30 minutes. The doorbell rang. My neighbor/party co-chair was there to present me with my grand prize from B&B Hardware. Uh, seriously? Holy bajoinkees! I won 2 Dodgers tickets, behind home, against the Rockies, with a preferred parking pass! Yippee!

I turned to Matt and asked, "Would you like to come with me to the game?" I thought I was nice to offer him the second ticket, but he seemed to think the correct response was to tickle me mercilessly. Sometimes I wonder why I keep him around.


farniks said...

That is awesome, and while I approve, you know that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (formerly known as Anaheim Angels formerly known as California Angels formerly known as Los Angeles Angles) and fabulous Angel Stadium of Anaheim (formerly known as Edison International Field formerly known as Anaheim Stadium) will always be my favorite.

pennyfore said...

You got tickets to an awesome game. The Rox have the Wild Card lead, and with a few more wins they could challenge the Dodgers for the division, too.

osmodion said...

I was wondering how long it would take you to say that.