24 August 2009

Last Night We Watched WEtv

No, really. And entirely on purpose. For some reason, there was absolutely nothing remotely watchable late on a summer Sunday night. The closest thing to bearable was Amazing Wedding Cakes, and that was only because I wanted to see how those ridiculous cakes are made. The stupidity and drama inherent in all reality television would just have to be ignored if no one was wiling to exert effort and put on a DVD.

As predicted, the cakes and the decorating process were interesting. The people, not so much. Then the show ended, leaving us face to face with our original lethargy. While Matt and I vigorously debated who should actually get off the couch, the next show came on: Bridezillas!

Holy crap did I never plan on watching such a monstrosity. But for that one hour, it was the greatest show on earth. You couldn't make up some of the mind-numbing neuroses these women developed over the course of planning a wedding. One woman's craziness could at least be PARTIALLY explained by all the stupidity going on around her. The other, well, we spent the next half hour trying to figure out why on earth her fiance hasn't put his head in an oven yet.

There are some very beautiful larger women and some very ugly stick-thin women. This example happened to fall squarely in the chunky and ugly category, partially due to her unkempt hair and frumpy clothes. However, she apparently has no ego problem as she is convinced she is the most gorgeous woman in the world and ANY guy would kill to be with her. No exaggeration. She randomly accused other men of trying to flirt with her and didn't seem to notice when her flirting attempts were ignored. Her poor fiance, however, noticed her trying. Personally, I think that a healthy self-esteem and confidence in oneself are great traits (of which I could use some more...), but she was firmly in the egomaniacal area.

After announcing that she was to be referred to as Queen, just when I thought she couldn't go any farther downhill, things got worse. She gathered all her fiances friends and presented them with rules. The most notable was a ban on all jewelry, including a groomsman's wedding band. WTF?

Even though Matt and I were clearly a bit stupider for having watched a full hour of such nonsense, I must admit that it was engrossing. And I will NEVER watch Bridezillas again. Oh, and why are people so desperate for fame (and $2500) that they are will to debase themselves on national television? I will never understand that one.


farniks said...

In other stupid news, the payroll of the Mets disabled roster has reached $86 million dollars.

osmodion said...

That's so funny, I may fall over laughing and break my leg.

farniks said...

It's true. I obtained the salary data online and added it up myself, and Avrum also got the same answer. Try not to fall over laughing. Only Mets players are allowed to do that.