20 June 2009

All my problems have been solved!

Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration. But my when to see Ian problem has been resolved in a most convenient fashion - everyone's coming here! Of course, now that I've it's been brought to my attention that this is the last year I qualify for Birthright, that idea is not getting shelved. I, and hopefully Matt if grad school doesn't get in his way, will be applying for winter 2010. Everything seems to have worked out. Assuming I get accepted.

The next resolution is complements of Nordstrom Rack, where designer stuff that didn't sell for outrageous prices is discounted to almost reasonable prices! Personally, I love that store since I always find something that I wanted but wouldn't have even considered purchasing at its regular price. While wandering the store waiting for Matt, I came across Calvin Klein Khaki Collection quilted pillows. We've needed new pillows for months, but hadn't found anything acceptable until that fateful day. These are the best pillows ever. No, really. Go get a half dozen for yourself RIGHT NOW!


slackwench said...

I was under the impression that 25 was the limit for birthright.

osmodion said...


I thought so too, but it's 26! Yippee!