15 December 2008

Fluffier Than Gerbils

In honor of our shiny, new master bathroom (which damn well better be done when I get home, or doom will ensue), new towels were deemed necessary. I'll just ignore that new towels would have been acquired regardless since these stupid ones from Bed Bath & Beyond are decaying. But anyway...

With 27 coupons and a Macy*s card in hand, it was off to Century City Mall with us. And then to The Grove after we discovered that Century City Macy*s doesn't have a home department. After much ado, we agreed on sage Hotel Collection Microfiber Cotton (or some other equally marketing-induced style name). Two bath sheets, two bath towels, two hand towels, we're good!

At the counter, I tormented the cashier by breaking up the towels into three separate purchases for coupon maximization. Aren't you proud Mom? Everything was okay, on a relative scale, until we reached the car. According to the receipt, we had paid for seven towels. Odd, considering we had very carefully checked the towels brought to the register twice. Digging through the shopping bags revealed that we had indeed bought seven. Well, an extra bath towel is probably a good thing to have on hand, so we should just keep it. You'll note that it was a highly rational decision having nothing to do with puking at the thought of having to spend one more second in the 3rd floor Cellar.

What do new towels do? Lint! Into the washer they went, so we'd have nice and reasonably lint-free towels for the master bathroom grand opening. That's when I noticed I had cut off eight tags. That's interesting. A second recount revealed that there were, in fact, four bath towels. The only logical conclusion? The cashier was a former election official from Miami-Dade.

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dreamerj25 said...

Hahahahaha! Send them packing back to Florida!!

Well-told though, this story goes on my 'favorites' here on LJ. Glad you have wonderful new towels to match your wonderful, new, master bedroom. Pictures of either on their way? (Pictures of supposed Japan trip on their way?)