17 December 2006

Wii Waited

After missing out on Wiis during previous tries, Matt and I left nothing to chance and got to Best Buy at 9:30 to see if a line was forming or anything. We planned on staying through the night, but we went home from 11:30 to 3 for a few hours of sleep when there was no one else there yet. When we got back, we were number 14 in line, for what turned out to be 21 Wiis. The latest someone showed and still got one was around 4am.

So, Best Buy didn't sell a single Wii for three weeks, and every time one of us asked why they were holding back stock, it was always so that they'd have enough accessories on hand when they finally sold them. Want to guess how many nunchuks they had? Three. Uno dos tres. However, they did managed to scrape together nine whole Wiimotes! Then there was the morning manager, who was clearly enjoying her 6am power trip.

Now I must pack. :-( Maybe I can wave the Wiimotes and the boxes will pack themselves? Stupid moving.

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