31 May 2006

Electromagnet Anyone?

So it's been awhile. Ooops.

I was rear ended. Again. For the second time this year. The fourth time ever. I haven't even changed the oil yet, and I'm going to the body shop AGAIN. Did I mention that I'm not pleased?

A Mercedes pulled out of the valet lane and into my lane. No signal, and obviously without looking, otherwise he would have noticed that I was directly next to him, about halfway past his car. The light had just turned green, so I was going all of 4mph. I slammed on the breaks and stopped in time. The taxi behind me, trying to switch lanes, did not. Time for bumper number three!

While I was talking to the taxi driver afterwards, my faith in humanity was restored. A pedestrian who had seen the whole thing came over and gave me a receipt with her name and phone number on the back. She said that the taxi clearly hit me, and she wouldn't mind telling the insurance company that. There were a whole bunch of pedestrians, as well at least ten other cars, but I never expected any of them to care enough to stop. As upset as I was about getting hit, this simple act of kindness made me feel a lot better.

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captaincrax0rz said...

In related news, I got my NY license yesterday. I'll be seeing you at the body shop. Cheers!