09 January 2006

A Parrot!

Usually there are no parrots in the "courtyard" at my apartment building. Today, however, there is one. I first noticed it around noon while leaving for lunch. It was just sitting on a low concrete ledge, minding its own business. It's wings aren't clipped, and the courtyard doors are kept closed, so it didn't take much imagination to detemine that it flew in.

Matt and I approached it twice, once to take pictures (which will be posted later this evening) and once to feed it Triscuits. The bird definitely appreciated the food, seeing as how it dove for the pieces Matt left as soon as he started walking away. We concluded that the bird is domesticated, and I called animal control since its owner probably wants it back. It took 3 phone systems to find out that LA Animal Control does not deal with birds, unless they are sick or attacking humans. Pets aren't allowed in the building, so I'm not sure what'll happen to the parrot. In the mean time, it's a pretty cool bird to have around.

As of a couple minutes ago, the bird is still on the same ledge, just sitting there in the dark. I left it some more Triscuit pieces, next to a water bowl that someone else left for it. I can't help hoping that it stays around for a few more days, if only for the food.

Those of you who have visited my house may have noticed a gigantic stuffed parrot, which happens to be named Tiki Bird (after the Tiki Room at Disneyland). Since this parrot has almost identical colors, I unofficially named him Tiki.

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slackwench said...

Find a local bird vet and take him there. That's where the owner is likely to call, and the vet will probably be willing to hold onto the bird. They can also probably find it a new home if it comes to that.

What kind of parrot is it?