17 June 2005


I saw Batman Begins opening afternoon with Matt, despite Vim's plans for seeing it Friday evening. I must say, I have never been so pleased with a Batman before. Christian Bale brought something to Bruce Wayne that Val Kilmer and Michael Keaten never came close to achieving. He was just so perfect. And ignoring Katie Holmes complete lack of talent, this was by far the best Batman movie. Christopher Nolan's Gotham left Tim Burton's fluorescent interpretation in the dust (for anyone who has not seen my dvd collection, that is saying quite a bit). I'm going to stop there, since I assume that not everyone has seen the movie yet.

In more exciting news, there have been two earthquakes since I got to Los Angeles. I had the misfortune to sleep through the first one, but I was very much awake for the second. A little disconcerting at first, but not particularly exciting. It was approximately the feeling of being in the Ruggles elevator, on one of the trips where you can't help but to pray that the elevator cable won't snap. Somewhat disappointing. :-/


toaster83 said...

The John Jay elevators are much closer to the earthquake experience than the Ruggles one is. It's like an aftershock after the earthquake in my stomach from eating John Jay cafeteria food everyday.

pennyfore said...

Batman Begins RAWKED!!!!!!